About Us

We are Edward and Mai, a family (with 3 kids – 1 human boy and 2 cats) who invested in this beautiful townhouse on the Gold Coast. With all that beautiful weather, great lifestyle and family up there, we thought that one day we might move up there. However, our circumstances changed and we started looking at maybe selling it.

Then we saw a competition overseas where people could write in with a creative answer, and possibly win a house. We started thinking about how we could do a similar competition, and pass our townhouse on to other people who might want to live up in the Gold Coast (or continue earning the great investment income - or sell it).

Without the wish to bad mouth the other competitions we saw, we were not comfortable with the lack of controls, clarity or details in their terms and conditions. We started thinking how we can do this competition in a way that is transparent to everyone.

So first of all, we spent several months researching the legality of this in Australia – which wasn’t helped by the fact that there are different governing bodies in each state and territory, not to mention a federal regulator too. After initially confirming that it is legal in all states and territories (with the exception of South Australia), we then paid a further high 4 figure sum for legal advice – and basically the competition is good to go.

Now the fun part begins. We’ve created a transparent system, with very clear and detailed terms and conditions. Every single entry will be judged and scored individually; with all scores and entries stored electronically should regulators wish to conduct an audit. At any point in time, it will be clear to all entrants how many entries we’ve received and what prizes will be on offer (i.e. there will need to be a minimum number of entries before the townhouse is on offer as 1st prize).

This is the only competition in Australia where you can win a great townhouse with your skill and creativity – and luck doesn’t play a part in it at all. We’re also restricting this to only Australian citizens and permanent residents (except for those residing in South Australia for reasons mentioned above).