How To Enter

To enter this competition, you must enter your most original and creative answer to:

“How to make money on the Gold Coast”

There is a strict 300 word limit, and the $50 fee per entry payment is by submission on the website only. Note this is just a word limit and scoring is purely on the quality of your idea, and the number of words does not affect your score at all. This is 100% a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner. This is how you create a strong entry:

First, pay attention to the following 3 key criteria:

1) Originality (30% of overall score). This means how original the idea is. Note that originality in this context does not just mean a completely new idea; it can also mean a new way of implementing an existing idea.

2) Creativity (30% of overall score). In this criteria, you will need to show how creative you are in using or implementing your money making idea on the Gold Coast.

3) “Gold Coast Advantage” (40% of overall score). “Gold Coast Advantage” refers to how much you take advantage of one or more facets of what the Gold Coast is well known for. For the purpose of this competition, the Gold Coast is well known for (in no particular order):

Great beaches Tourism Theme parks Great year round weather
Many hotels/motels The Star (formerly known as Jupiters Casino) Hinterland Schoolies
Nightlife Surfing Shopping V8 supercars
Various festivals Magic Millions horse racing carnival 1 hour drive to other great areas like Brisbane, Byron Bay etc Conferences

Second, when writing your entry, remember that the 3 criteria are quite different and have almost equal weighting, so there is plenty of flexibility for you to create a great entry. So for example, even if your entry is not completely original, you could still score highly on the other 2 criteria.

Lastly, as long as you remain within the word limit, the number of words does not affect how your entry will be marked. Slight spelling or grammatical errors will not be marked down, as long as the idea being communicated is clear and easily understood. You should also note none of the criteria is on how "beautifully" you write, so just pay attention to the 3 criteria and write simply and clearly.

The first round of judging will be performed by a panel of judges appointed by the Promoter, which may also include the Promoter. Each entry will be marked by 1 panel judge out of 100 on an online scoring system, with scores broken down according to the percentages of the 3 key criteria above.

The top 20 highest scoring entries, which may be more than 20 entries if there are equal scores, will then be marked by an independent judge to determine winners of the 3 prizes. Once appointed, the name of this independent judge will be announced on

While we have listed the rules on how you can enter this competition and how the entries will be scored, please refer to the full Terms and Conditions prior to submitting your entry.