Townhouse Gallery
Number of entries 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize


No prize given. Money refunded No prize given. Money refunded No prize given. Money refunded
150-999 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000
1000-9999 $8,000 $5,000 $3,000
10,000-24,999 $30,000 $15,000 $5,000
25,000-50,000 Townhouse (currently tenanted until Jan 2020 at $550 a week) $20,000 $10,000

Townhouse is located at 6 Border Drive North, Currumbin Waters, QLD, 4223. As it is currently being rented out, we are not revealing the specific townhouse number for privacy.

As attractive as it is, it would be a mistake to calculate your odds of winning the townhouse as a minimum of 1 in 25 000 (the minimum number of entries required for the townhouse to be the first prize).

We've also created tiers of prizes to be fair to competitors, as only a minimum of 150 confirmed entries is needed to guarantee 3 entries win something!

Remember that this is a game of skill, where each and every entry will be judged and scored. Providing at least 25 000 entries have been received, write the best entry and you will win the townhouse without luck playing any part in this.

So head on over to the How To Enter tab, and find out how to win with your skill!